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The PhairywinD network will play a vital role in building bridges between all of the stakeholders within the sector with a fundamental focus on the Belgian context

Intra university

Our PhDs and promotors will be (internal) ambassadors for offshore wind research during the course of the Phairywind project and beyond the scope and timeline of the project. 


Inter university

The PhairywinD PhDs will acquire typical (academic) skills within their research and doctoral schools. However, we will also provide cross-university training & industry interaction.  In order to obtain scale efficiencies and train a critical mass, PhairywinD will also allow other early researchers in open training sessions.

Between university & industry

We strongly believe in early co-creation between academia and industry.  On an individual basis, industry secondments are foreseen in the second half of the PhD. On a collective basis our researchers will get to know the sector's industrial players via several site visits.



We will outreach to multiple relevant international networks. Of course the European Academy Wind Energy is an important network, including their bi-annual conferences Torque & WESC. But we will also get in touch with industry associations like WindEurope

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