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Let's team up!

Join our IAB

Let 's make it official and invite you to join our project's Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) as a full member. Participation is free of charge and does not entail any (financial or results-oriented) commitments on your part. It does require your input and feedback for our 9 PhD topics and researchers on their work and the willingness to participate in our events, offer the possibilities of site visits, explore options for knowledge exchange, etc.

It also puts you on the forefront of all PhairywinD related news and gives you the opportunity to be involved in the future project valorisations opportunities and trajectories. We will also showcase all of our IAB members on our website via a logo grid which links back to your homepage.

We kindly ask those companies who offered us their support during the proposal phase of the project ('letters of support') to also formalise their interest by officially joining the IAB via the button below. (1).jpg

Join our network

Or if you would just like to follow the project from the sideline, get invitations for our events, get the latest news about the project, then sign up for our newsletter and become part of our network:

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