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WindWeek sparks an EOS article and podcast on the future of offshore wind!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The PhairywinD project kick-off in June was picked up by several specialist media as an interesting subject to follow from the sideline. But the people from EOS went the extra mile and actually got in touch to know more about offshore wind farms and especially to know what the future of offshore wind could look like.

So their journalist, Kim Verhaeghe, joined the PhairywinD WindWeek in the last week of September and jumped aboard the HMS Albatros with the other participants on a live journey (corona proof!) to the Belgian offshore wind turbines. This way he got a first-hand look at the sector and he could talk to some of the participants about their outlook on the future developments within the offshore wind energy sector.

This resulted in an article (EOS December2020 issue) and a very entertaining podcast for EOS magazine on the future of offshore wind (and extended to other renewable) energy, brought to you by two of our PhairywinD ambassadors, experts and die-hard offshore wind enthousiasts: Pieter Mathys, our Ghent University scientific coordinator and Pieter Jan Jordaens (Sirris - OWI-Lab) who works on data exchange and the international approach of our project.

Fun fact: the podcast has already been listened to by 2000 people, so it is blowing away it's audience!

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