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PhairywinD WindWeek: aftermovie

The first WindWeek, organised live this September, is still lingering on in our minds because of the impact it made on both the participants and the organizing team members. This training week was intense, to say the least: very strict corona measures to abide to, a load of new information on the wind energy sector to process, once in a lifetime hands-on experiences to treasure, crazy Belgian weather -with four seasons in one week- to face and the uncertainty of throwing together a group of 20 PhD researchers from 9 different Belgian knowledge institutions, who didn't know each other at the start, not knowing if they would get along.

Intense, yes. But most of all very rewarding! Especially to see how, by the end of the training week, a group of strangers ended up as a tight group of colleagues (and even friends!) ready to be the starting point of the larger academic network the project is aiming for. Ready to tackle their own research topics with all the new insights they gathered and with a new outlook on how their work could play a pivotal role in the future of the entire Belgian offshore wind scene.

But instead of trying to capture this week in mere words, let us show you what it was all about. Have a look at our WindWeek aftermovie:

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