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PhairywinD organises the 2022 EAWE PhD Seminar!

Press release | Bringing the 2022 EAWE PhD Seminar to Belgium

Press release – 15/02/2022

Historical Bruges (Belgium) is hosting the 2022 EAWE PhD Seminar this year, expecting to welcome over 100 PhD researchers from over the whole of Europe, interested in key-talks and presentations on wind energy. The organization this year is in the capable hands of the PhairywinD PhD group, 9 Belgian early stage researchers focusing on offshore wind energy.

Save the date: 02/11- 04/11/2022 – Bruges, BE

The European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) is an international community that promotes and supports the development of wind energy science with a focus on connecting expertise, facilitating knowledge exchange, and promoting interest in wind energy. It aims to be the independent scientific voice of European wind energy research.

EAWE yearly initiates a couple of important conferences on wind energy, with Torque and WESC being the biggest ones, attracting over 1000 participants worldwide. Their annual PhD seminar, however, aims primarily at early stage researchers and wants to be an accessible event where PhD students and supervisors from all over Europe can easily exchange information and experience on research in wind energy. Therefore, the seminar is small-scale and it is organized for PhDs by PhDs!

Unique this year are the organization team and the location. First off, the team is comprised of 9 PhD researchers from different universities. Traditionally, the seminar is hosted by one host institute, but this time the collaboration within the PhairywinD project means we span the entire country and our PhDs have the support of all of the Belgian knowledge institutes working on wind energy, a unique starting position! Secondly, we will host the seminar in historical Bruges, which has a perfect location near the Belgian coast (and the option to visit the expanding offshore wind farms) and has many selling-points as a conference town for foreign visitors.

The organization team is now preparing a fascinating 3-day programme, filled with key-note speeches, PhD presentations, site visits, academic-industrial collaboration activities and social events. The seminar website is up and running at and the call for abstracts will be launched soon. In the meantime, we also invite you all to follow our progress via the PhairywinD website and social media channels.

The entire team is grateful to have won the seminar bid for 2022 and is looking forward to an exciting year of planning, organizing and managing this event to make it the best edition yet!

Stay tuned for more news soon.

The PhairywinD team

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