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What to expect in 2022 (and beyond)?

Most of our PhD researchers are entering their 3rd year, which is typically a year in which first results are published in either conference or journal papers (see their individual pages for an overview soon). Simultaneously, our researchers will organise the second 'WindWeek', as the EAWE (European Academy for Wind Energy) PhD Seminar 2022.

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Whereas the first WindWeek was targeted towards Belgian students, we've partnered up with the European Academy for Wind Energy. We will now target approximately 120-150 onshore and offshore wind PhD students from all over Europe, and through collaboration with NAWEA (North American Wind Energy Association) also American and likely also Asian students.  We are keen on showcasing our Belgian offshore wind expertise to an international audience. Get in touch if you want to know the possibilities to join as an industrial partner!

We will not just participate in academic events in 2022, but plan to join more industry related events, under the PhairywinD umbrella. We plan to announce our participation soon.

Of course, '22-'23 will be pivotal years for the further development of the Princess Elisabeth Zone, while simultaneously optimizing the operations for the existing zone. We look forward to explore all ways to make our academic results relevant for this undertaking. 

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